Website builder made for today. Not 1999.

Everyone is talking about AI.

We implanted it in our builder.

Text to speech

Yovale TTS designed to converts website page content into human-like speech.

The plugin uses the latest technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence to play a high-quality human voice and add an audio player with content to the page.

Image recognition

Powered by AWS Rekognition can auto detect image features, providing automatic labeling of uploaded image files. This is then used to enhance the Yovale media library search.



Built-in chat bot and chat solutions that comes with machine learning and e-commerce intelligence.

Let’s talk about the 21st century.

OTP based login and signup for e-commerce stores

10000 messages free per month

Design for one or all

Use our auto-responsive feature or design for specific device, you decide.

PWA’s, google AMP and Facebook instant articles

Facebook instant Articles

A new way for publishers to create fast, interactive stories on Facebook

  • +65% increase in Mobile traffic
  • 12 X more pages visited
  • +62% increase in conversions
  • below 2.5 seconds to load pages

Progressive web apps

Let your users install your website as an app

  • 68% increase of mobile traffic.
  • 15-fold improvement of load and installation speed.
  • 25-times reduced use of device storage.
  • 52% average conversion increase.
  • 78% average session increase.
  • 137% engagement increase.
  • 42.86% lower bounce rate when compared to that of mobile websites
  • 133.67% increase in page views

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Page (or AMP, for short) is a project from Google and Twitter designed to make really fast mobile pages.

With Yovale you can use the AMP features with one click.

  • Better search results
  • Decreased Bounces rates
  • Improve website loading time
  • Increases mobile ranking
  • More Ads Viewing
  • Boost CTR (click through rates)

Enterprise grade e-commerce

Custom domain

Connect your domain like with few clicks. Need help? let us know

Shopping cart

Earn more by letting your customers purchase multiple items at once with an online shopping cart and checkout.

Fully optimized for mobiles

Fully responsive on all devices and optimized checkout for every device.

Go Global

Yovale support multiple currency and easy to use visual language translation features.

Shipping and Taxes

Add multiple shipping zones and fees with automated Taxes calculation and override.

Say hi to always available smart assistant

powered by cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence

Booking and Appointments

Built-in powerful booking and appointments software with all advance features like customer account, SMS & Email notification, Payment gateway integration etc.

Write about your passion & profession with built in blogging

Yovale comes with built in powerful blogging features. Get exposer with your content and convert readers to

your customers.

Built-in collaboration tool.

Stop wasting your precious time on feedback or project changes calls. Give your client a better tool to collaborate on design changes.
✓ Invite your client to collaborate
✓ Client can click anywhere to write a feedback
✓ Track the feedback inside your dashboard
✓ Make changes accordingly

For those who are social.

Connect/display your facebook feeds, instagram, pinterest, TikTok and twitter data on your website with simple one-click integrations.



And much more


Powerful hosting, all for free.

Choose from 21 datacenter location

Powered by Amazon Web Service (AWS), ServerlessInfra and Cloudflare CDN

Change Data center location with few clicks, by adding a CNAME record in DNS

One click Google Integration.

Design without any limitations

Buttons are the most important part of your website. And we made sure, you have the full flexibility over your buttons.

Font Management

Edit any font in your website, choose one from Google, Adobe or custom Fonts and adjust the font styles.

Color Management

Choose the correct colors for your website by using color picker and color palettes.

Adjust Measures

Edit the elements size, margin and padding properties visually.

Undo / Redo History

No worry! If you make a mistake, you can undo and redo at any time.

No Lock-in

Full flexibility on all sections and elements. Design anything you want

CSS code editor

Type your own CSS code or interfere generated CSS codes anytime.

Your data, where you need it, faster.

Powerful integrations for the powerful websites

Google Analytics


Campaign Monitor

Google Adsense







Google reCAPTCHA